Who is Chelsea Olivo?

My name is Chelsea Olivo, however I’m going to assume that you already knew that. I started this Blog because I needed somewhere for my random and sometimes non-conclusive thoughts to go. I started writing a book about a year ago, but it was almost immediately halted due to the events presently occurring in my chaotic life.

Lux is my daughter. She was born on December 10th 2013 and is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You’ll often hear me refer to her as my “Princess” and that’s mainly because she acts like one. The truth is, she owns my heart.

I am an ex- “people pleaser”, amateur tattooed momma, family first, Red Bull junkie, hopeless romantic, dieter for life, book-worm, loyal friend, social media whore (as I’ve been called), cupcake obsessed, music queen, lover of Jesus (but doesn’t make it to church as much as I should), non-judgmental Aries with a huge heart, who makes (sometimes) frequent mistakes. Please let me remind you that I am ONLY human!

If I offend you in any way it is not intentional and remember that you can always click the red, “x” at the top right of the screen.

It is not conventional that I will write about politics, or any sort of topic that would spark a debate between my readers. I am often intrigued by mysterious things that can’t be explained. However, I am not Miss. Cleo and I cannot tell the future.

I strongly believe in treating others how you want to be treated and I stay out of (or at least try to) business that isn’t mine, even when I don’t get the same respect.

Thanks for reading.


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9 responses to “Who is Chelsea Olivo?

  1. Upon reviewing your description, I would suggest getting yourself a proof-reader and/or proof-reading it yourself. People will take you much more seriously if your grammar is up to par.

      • I can see you don’t take any sort of criticism very well. I wasn’t trying to come across as aggressive, I was simply just trying to give you some constructive input. Good luck on your book.

  2. Looks and sounds like you prob didn’t graduat 9th grade. You should really think about taking some grammar lessons before you continue to write or blog because you sound like an uneducated fool.

      • I missed the e on accident, and you abbreviated “okay” in the same fashion I abbreviated “probably.” :)

      • “Sam” and “anonymous” (since you are the same person) I will not continue to comment on your posts because you are clearly a miserable, bored individual who is choosing to attack me while you hide behind a smart phone. Please find something more productive to do with your life.

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